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ChemDoodle Mobile, a product of iChemLabs, is the FREE mobile companion to the popular chemical publishing desktop application, ChemDoodle. ChemDoodle desktop customers (Buy Now!) receive a free account to log into ChemDoodle Mobile. You can use the Guest account to access this app without purchasing ChemDoodle, but you will not be able to save your drawings and some features may be restricted.

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ChemDoodle 7 on Mac OS X

ChemDoodle 7 on Mac OS X


If you have already purchased ChemDoodle desktop, use your purchasing email and the last 4 characters of your activation code to log into ChemDoodle Mobile.

ChemDoodle is a popular chemistry desktop publishing software and desktop companion to ChemDoodle Mobile. ChemDoodle is a chemical structure environment with a main focus on 2D graphics and publishing to create media for your structures, reactions and spectra. ChemDoodle contains all of the features you would expect from software that costs thousands of dollars for a very reasonable price. ChemDoodle is very well supported and is being used in thousands of institutions around the world.

If you are looking for a chemical sketcher or an alternative to your current chemical drawing application, there is no better choice than ChemDoodle. ChemDoodle works on all operating systems (both 32 and 64 bit), has one of the largest feature sets in the industry, has the most customizable graphics, pastes scalable vector graphics into Microsoft Office, iWork and OpenOffice (among others), and can read and write all of our competitors’ formats. ChemDoodle also contains very powerful tools for creating ChemDoodle Web Components for your websites.

To learn more about ChemDoodle, please visit the ChemDoodle homepage.