ChemDoodle Mobile
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ChemDoodle Mobile, a product of iChemLabs, is the FREE mobile companion to the popular chemical publishing desktop application, ChemDoodle. ChemDoodle desktop customers (Buy Now!) receive a free account to log into ChemDoodle Mobile. You can use the Guest account to access this app without purchasing ChemDoodle, but you will not be able to save your drawings and some features may be restricted.

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ChemDoodle Mobile is supported on iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads with iOS 6+ installed. Retina display is supported. Full 3D graphics requires iOS 8+.


ChemDoodle Mobile is supported on Android 2.3.4+. However, we recommend using Android 4+. Full 3D graphics requires Android 4+.

Screen sizes greater than 320×470 pixels are supported. ChemDoodle Mobile will not install on Android devices with smaller screen sizes. All screen pixel densities are supported.

Performance may vary between Android devices.


A thorough help guide for the ChemDoodle Mobile app is provided in the Help tab in the app that is accessed through the navigation bar.

The navigation bar will appear as is shown in the following image for iOS.

On Android, the navigation bar will appear after pressing the Android menu button (or the small black rectangle with 3 vertically aligned white squares), and as shown in the following image.

If the guide does not answer your questions, you can contact customer support using our ticket system.

ChemDoodle Mobile is a product of iChemLabs™.