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ChemDoodle Mobile, a product of iChemLabs, is the FREE mobile companion to the popular chemical publishing desktop application, ChemDoodle. ChemDoodle desktop customers (Buy Now!) receive a free account to log into ChemDoodle Mobile. You can use the Guest account to access this app without purchasing ChemDoodle, but you will not be able to save your drawings and some features may be restricted.

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Version 1.5

  • NEW Added full 3D graphics support for 3D molecules! 
  • NEW Full support for iOS8 and the new iPhone sizes 
  • NEW Full support for the latest Android versions and devices 
  • NEW Sketcher has been updated 
  • NEW Android sketcher now has undo/redo buttons for devices without shake 
  • FIXED Fixed inverted stereochemistry in 3D view 
  • FIXED Fixed broken clear button 
  • FIXED Resolved rare issue where app would fail to load properly 
  • FIXED Fixed Android issue where 3D rotations were unresponsive 
  • FIXED Fixed blank spaces in landscape layouts on Android devices 
  • FIXED Android back button will no longer log you out 
  • IMPROVED Buttons are now larger on larger screens 
  • IMPROVED Significantly increased responsiveness 
  • IMPROVED Minor changes and fixes 

Version 1.4

  • NEW Support for the iPhone 5 
  • NEW IUPAC Naming 
  • NEW 3D coordinate generation and viewer 
  • NEW Added empirical formula to calculations 
  • NEW Added rotatable bond count to calculations 
  • NEW Added total electron count to calculations 
  • NEW  Added vdW volume to calculations 
  • NEW  Added complexity to calculations 
  • FIXED Fixed slow performance issues on iPad in landscape mode 
  • FIXED Fixed MolGrabber search issues 
  • FIXED Fixed issue where the back button wouldn’t appear on the last help page 
  • FIXED Fixed login issues 
  • IMPROVED Performance improvements 
  • IMPROVED General improvements and fixes 

Version 1.3.2 for Android

  • NEW This update adds multitouch support for Android. Pinching will scale the sketcher and spectra. Moving two fingers will translate spectra. This will only work on devices where Chrome for Android is the primary browser. 

Version 1.3.1

  • NEW Support for Android 4+
  • IMPROVED Improved splash screen resolution 
  • IMPROVED Improved performance 
  • IMPROVED  Improved graphics
  • FIXED Eliminated bug concerning login where the button would deactivate and the app would need to be restarted 
  • FIXED Other minor fixes

Version 1.2.0

  • NEW Initial release for Android

Version 1.0

  • NEW Initial release for iOS